Message from CEO

I write this message with great pride and pleasure to share that Texxol Global is the latest step in the ladder of success of Ahuja Group.

sunil_ceoOn behalf of my organization, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our customers who have shown full confidence in our products and services. Indeed, customers empower and inspire us in every step of our operational excellence and delivery.

We manufacture custom made oils for industries from our home-grown brand Texxol. We are exclusive manufacturers and dealers for Industrial and Automotive Oils, Greases, Marine Oils, Metal-working Fluids, Textile Oils, Specialty Petroleum Products, and Waxes.

Our philosophy is “Quality is our prime focus”, and we have deployed advanced technology and applied stringent quality assurance measures in every stage of production to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.

Result of our philosophy is our large Client base comprising 600+ customers from industries like Steel Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Textile, Leather, Packaging, Resin, Oil Extracts, Fragrances, Paint, Printing, Paper, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Glass, Automobile, Polymer, PVC, Rubber, etc.

I would like to convey our commitment through this message while we continue to uphold our endless effort to serve our valued customers.

Go ahead, browse our website, and share your thoughts with us !

– Sunil Ahuja

CEO, Texxol Global