Mineral to Synthetic

Why Is Oil Preference Changing from Mineral to Synthetic?

The conventional motor oil we all know is obtained from crude oil through the complex distillation process. This process yields many different liquids having distinct properties. Some are light like gasoline or diesel, whereas some are heavy like grease or motor oil. Crude oil consists of many molecular compounds and even after distillation they are […]

Synthetic Oil

Why Synthetic Oil Is Preferred over Conventional Oil?

While the use of synthetic engine oil has become rather common nowadays, actually it came into being for the aerospace industry as the use of mineral oil was not feasible in case of very high operating temperatures. We know that natural lubricating oils are derived from petroleum during fractional distillation and since petroleum is a […]

Engine Oil

Different Types of Engine Oil

If you personally visit an engine oil store to purchase a lubricant for your vehicle, you are bound to get confused with the variety of choices available with each labelled for different purposes like higher mileage vehicles, high tech engines, off-road or heavy duty SUVs, new cars and more. Further, you’ll find an extensive range […]

Three Important Things

Three Important Things You Need to Know about Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil

Automotive engine oil plays a very important role in ensuring proper working of engine parts. Many vehicle owners are aware of the fact that the engine requires oil just the way it needs fuel, but what more do they know about this vital component.  Here are few things that you ought to know about engine […]

Engine Oil for Your Car

Few Important Tips to Change Engine Oil for Your Car

Oil change is one of the most crucial auto activities that every vehicle owner needs to take care of. Sometimes, a meager delay in oil change hampers with fatal effects to your engine. For the oil-change process, it is costly and hectic to drive up to the auto repair shop and in turn it gets […]

Oil Change for Your Vehicle

5 Eye-Opening Benefits of Oil Change for Your Vehicle

Most of the automobile owners are very well aware about the importance of oil change for their engine, but very few of them really understand the extent up to which it can benefit their vehicle. Therefore, if you are still wondering about it, this post will enlighten you about the benefits of auto oil for […]

Engine Oil

How to Change Your Car’s Engine Oil? A DIY Guide

Changing the engine oil of your car on a regular basis is a very crucial part of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule as it’s very important in extending the car’s engine life. This is a simple task that you can do on your own without getting very dirty. This can save the money you’d have otherwise […]


Smart Tips to Select, Use and Store Lubricating Oils

According to report, thousands of dollars are spent on unnecessary repair work on equipment, which gets damaged in the absence of proper lubrication. The basic purpose of lubrication is to prevent contact between the rolling elements and races or between the shaft and a plain bearing. All industries require proper lubricating oils, but the food […]

texxol oil

Oil Types

Oil is one of the most important commodities used for different purposes. From cars to color, every sector needs it. In every machine, different kinds of oils are required to run – may be oil as a fuel or to run the parts properly, it requires engine oil or other kinds of oil. Without oil, […]

automotive oils, greases, marine oils, metal working fluids

6 Questions That You Must Ask While Changing Auto Oil in Your Vehicle

Ever since a person starts driving, it’s taught to him or her about the process of oil change and its importance for smooth running of the vehicle. There are certain FAQs that generally are in the mind about why to change the oil. Oil to a vehicle is similar to water for a human. It […]