Metal Working Fluids

We offer Metal Working Fluids of very high quality and we customize them to the customer’s specifications.

We have a range of Metal Working fluids suitable for complete mechanical production and cooling. We have different Fluids for Drilling, grinding, honing, etc.

Special Fluids like Steel Oils (for White Metal Bearings) can be used for Lubrication & hydraulics. Wire Drawing Compounds and Tube Drawing Compounds can be used as lubricants in Drawing operations. While Manufacturing Metal Working Fluids, our quality control team performs quality checks to ensure the purity and originality of Fluids.

Our range of Metal Working Fluids

Soluble Cutting Oil
Neat Cutting Oils
Quenching Oil
Polymer Quenchant
Rolling Oil
Aluminium Rolling Oil
Synthetic Coolants
Rust Preventive Oils

Automotive Oils

a wide range of automotive oils like engine oil, two-stroke engine oil, transmission oil etc


Various kinds of Greases such as Chassis, Wheel Bearing, Multipurpose, Silicone etc.

Industrial Oils

comprehensive range of highly refined Industrial Oils. We also customize solutions..

Marine Oils

Marine Oils blended from highly refined base stocks and are fortified with additives..

Textile Oils

Wide range of refined Textile Oil, which are thermally stable compounds developed as a lubricant..

Speciality Oils & Wax

Texxol Global offers various types specialty Oils and Waxes customised based on customer needs..

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